How did you come up with the name?

It is kind of a long story but to keep it short, if you are specific about your goals and what you want, you are more likely to achieve them.
Many well-known speakers on the subject will tell you that writing down your goals, or in this case ideas, will put you far ahead of those who do not.
So I wanted to be SPECIFIC about what I LOVE to do so others could join in and have fun too.

Where do you get ideas for a project?

I get ideas from many locations including family, friends, the internet, and just common needs that come about while living life.
For example my wife wanted a kitchen bar made from pallets, so I built one.
A friend of mine wanted a loft bed for their daughter but did not have the tools to make one, so I built it for them.
Ideas and needs are around us all of the time. It sometimes just takes us to stop and look.

How do you have the time to make so many projects?

I decided a long time ago to limit my intake of TV and other entertainment to a very minimum unless I’m doing it directly with family or friends.
And by doing that, I amazingly gained a lot of time that most people use up in this area.
I also plan out my weeks in advance so that I know if I have other priorities coming and adjust accordingly.
If you schedule your days and follow through, you would be amazed with what you can accomplish.

Did someone teach you these techniques or did you learn on your own?

My father and grandfather have always been handy with fixing and building things around the house, but I did not become interested in the process until after I became an adult. It most likely started after I purchased my first house.
A lot of these techniques and lessons I learned from watching others online and reading books and magazines about the process.
I have found that some of the building process is prep, but most is just taking the first step to just DO IT!
Mistakes will happen, even to the lifelong professionals.

What kind of tools do you use?

I use a variety of tools in my workshop, so the keep this simple look for the tab that says “Tools I Use” to find a detailed listing of my commonly used items and links where to find them.