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How to make a Queen Loft Bed with Desk for a Small Room
A friend of ours recently purchased a new home for his family. The floor layout is nicely done, but the bedrooms are a little smaller than they are use to. So they asked if I could build their daughter a loft bed that would hold her Queen-size mattress.
This is a total custom design that fits their needs and can be easily copied and modified to fit your needs.

How to Build a Simple Large Dog House – DIY
We have an outside dog that stays under our back porch, but on rainy days a lot of water flows through this area so he just stays wet.
And to help him stay dry and warmer during the winter months, I decided to build him a raised dog house for his comfort.
Most of the lumber used for this project was from an old wooden crate that I took apart recently thus keeping this build relatively cheap.
Now he is a happy warm pet.

Custom Shoe Rack Shelf – DIY
We store many of our shoes at the front door and they tend to pile up and get in the way. So I built a heavy duty Shoe Rack that helps our entrance way look much better.
I also stained it in grey and cherry to fit with the color of the room.

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder and Bathroom Decor
I have an extra bathroom in the garage that is very plain and could use some upgrades, so I started with this Tic-tac-toe toilet paper holder that also adds a touch of decor
There a have been other versions of this wall art, but I never seen any of them which did not have an outside frame.
Now it looks like the bottom paper rolls are floating.
This is a simple build and I hope you have a great time watching and making one.

Custom Studio Desk DIY for the Office or Gaming
My son needed a custom corner desk for his room that could hold some of his audio equipment and be used with his gaming system. So I built this one of a kind desk that would be slightly wider than his piano stand and fit in the same general position in his room.
It also has lifted sides for speakers so the sound comes from the same direction as the monitor.
Underneath the desk is a sliding drawer for the piano keyboard.

2-in-1 Table Bench Outdoor Furniture
I wanted a table and chair that would fit in a small area, so I created this picnic table that converts into wooden bench by easily removing 2 bolts. This Table Bench will make a great addition to any outdoor furniture.
You can also make two of these and combine them to make a full-size picnic table.
I discovered the original design in an old book and modified it some to fit in our area.
I hope you can use this simple woodworking design to turn your patio furniture into a fixer upper that everyone can enjoy.

DIY Triple Candy Dispenser – Simple Woodworking
A friend of mine inspired me to make a simple Candy Dispenser, but I wanted it to be custom, so I designed and built this Awesome triple version using only a single 1x6x6 wood board. It works with any type of small hard candy or trail mix. It would make a great gumball machine too.

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