Cheap way to Practice Turning Bowls on the Lathe

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Cheap way to Practice Turning Bowls on the Lathe

My wife and I have been interested in improving our skills on the lathe by making bowls and plates. But we did not want to spend a lot of money on high dollar wood only to make mistakes and have to discard of them.
A great tip that my wife picked up at a recent turning class that she took was to use pine lumber in place of your wood of choice.
This will allow you to practice several techniques at a low cost and if your newly turned item turns out beautiful, you can always give it away to family and friends who will be excited to receive your gifts.

Also some of the smaller pieces of scrap wood can be glued together to form larger beautiful versions of bowls and plates.
Just find the center, make a circle, trim off most of the excess, and turn away.

Watch video to see how we did it.

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